Screen Printing Machine


With the industrial screen printing machine, MTA wanted to re-propose a modern twist, thanks to the high level of automation introduced, the quality and tradition of screen printing; still much in demand by the great names of Italian and foreign fashion by introducing some technical features that make flexible use of the screen printing machine as the ability to manage the placement of the screen framework for shot, features particularly appreciated for printing of scarves and in general for printing a piece.
MTA is able to realize even printing tables (turnkey) with a robust and reliable design and with the possibility to heat the printing plane by electrical resistance.
  • Possibility of customization of print height and print repeat
  • Possibility to customize the type of squeege (single type Viero or MS, double type Buser)
  • Possibility of position correction of the screen, on each shot, with an accuracy of 0.05 mm
  • Travel speed and adjustable squeegee
  • Possibility to adjust the pressure squeegee also asymmetrically
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